About Rich Theatre

RICHTHEATRE was built at the year of 2010, it is the premier home theater system integrator that focus on building professional home theater system. They have built up the First Auro3D Certified Home Theater in Asia which is perform the most immersive sound. RICHTHEATRE has been committed to the professional engineering and technical services into the overall planning of home theater system, visual design, product configuration, system calibration and after sales service, to provide customer with high-quality visual enjoyment.   The showroom of GOLDMUND in Shanghai was successfully established by RICHTEATRE together with GOLDMUND Swiss team in 2016. This GOLDMUND store is not only positioned as a showroom, RICHTHEATRE is preferred to design a new lifestyle to their upper market and show them how to decorate their home full of good taste and more space personalities. No matter design smaller HIFI A/V system room or build a large space theater, The professional team from RICHTHEATRE has the capability to provide the satisfaction to customer’s home theater system.