Room Design Service

We are specializing in providing private home theaters overall design and solutions, our theater space design solutions are provided by the professional team at home and abroad. CAT MBX LEAGUE, a team that we have been set up a long-term relationship with them, who have designed hundreds of successful works, from small intimate space to large private club theater, all matched the most advanced audio and video systems. Our another member from CAT MBX LEAGUE,TK THEATER, is the world's most influential theater design company which is very good at providing home theater design solutions. Its brand founder, Mr.Theo Kalomirakis got the very high reputation as the "King of home theater" many times. His design work was printed and distributed several times in the global issue. Most clients who have enough design space, budget and want to enjoy the high quality movies, take TK design works as a gold standard for their Theater designs. TK also design lots of home theater for movie stars, sports celebrities, and world leaders.